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US diplomats secretly met with Taliban without Afghan government

In a dramatic change to longstanding policy, senior United States diplomats have reportedly held secret meetings with Taliban leaders without the presence –and presumably knowledge– of the Afghan government. For over a decade, the Taliban have refused to negotiate with the Afghan government, which they view as a puppet regime controlled by Washington. They have […] from via CCTV Infomation

Take commonsense approach to cybersecurity for healthcare plan

from SearchSecurity via Camera Installs

Via the ACLU: The Trump Administration’s Census Cover Up

The Trump Administration’s Census Cover Up Documents obtained in our lawsuit prove anti-immigrant bias was behind a citizenship question. Last month, we challenged the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census — essentially a door-to-door federal inquiry of the citizenship status of every member of every household in the country. On Thursday, we received welcome news from a federal judge that the lawsuit can continue . The judge’s decision, in part, was based on an explosive set of documents we obtained from the government. These documents reveal that the Trump administration’s public explanation as to why it needs this information is a sham to conceal its discriminatory, anti-immigrant agenda, and they also prove that a prominent member of President Trump’s cabinet lied under sworn oath to Congress.  Some background: Every 10 years, the federal government conducts a census to count all people in the United States. Everyone is counted without e

When Andy Puzder said in an opinion piece for Fox News on Saturday that it was China that had...

When Andy Puzder said in an opinion piece for Fox News on Saturday that it was China that had launched a trade war against the United States 18 years ago, he repeated the platitudes often made about China's trade surplus with the US. Simply put, he claimed that the US has been ripped off by China in their bilateral trade over the past nearly two decades. He said that China blocked US goods from entering its market, China forced US companies to transfer technology and stole commercial secrets. How can bilateral trade between the world largest and second largest economies last for nearly two decades with the former having been a loser and the latter the beneficiary all the time? If that were the case, their trade relations would not have lasted. No previous US president and their economic advisors would have been foolish enough to allow the US economy to suffer all the time from its trade deficit with China. If they did, they would not have been in the American people's good grac

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A veteran attends memorial ceremonies marking the 74th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Germans during the World War II, in Warsaw, Poland, July 29, 2018. The Warsaw Uprising broke out on Aug. 1, 1944 and was the biggest resistance operation in German-occupied Europe. (RSS generated with FetchRss ) from CCTV on Facebook via CCTV INSTALLATION Google Plus Profile

In early stages, FDI played crucial role in reform and opening up

When the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping announced the reform and opening up policy in December 1978, the long-term strategy was to introduce more free market measures that would spur China to grow more prosperous while marching in step with industrial development and modernization.#40yearsopeningup When the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping announced the reform and opening up policy in December 1978, the long-term strategy was to introduce more free market measures that would spur China to grow more prosperous while marching in step with industrial development and modernization. (RSS generated with FetchRss ) from CCTV on Facebook via CCTV INSTALLATION Google Plus Profile

Commentary on Xi's Middle East and Africa Tour⑦: Chinese approach to turn the vision of a 2nd "Golden Decade" into reality - CCTV News - English

On July 26-27, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the Plenary Session of the 10th BRICS summit and an informal meeting to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the BRICS mechanism and an outreach dialogue grouping leaders from BRICS, the "BRICS Plus" dialogue and African countries at the 10th BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.#XiVisit #BRICS #ChinaAfricaCommunityofSharedFuture At the Plenary Session of the 10th BRICS summit, President Xi delivered a speech, (RSS generated with FetchRss ) from CCTV on Facebook via CCTV INSTALLATION Google Plus Profile

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Tourists ride camels at the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring scenic spot in Dunhuang, northwest China's Gansu Province, July 29, 2018. #SeeChina (RSS generated with FetchRss ) from CCTV on Facebook via CCTV INSTALLATION Google Plus Profile

Pupils unable to read is 'a scandal', says minister

The education secretary says some young pupils are unable to speak properly or read simple words. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Celebrity divorce lawyer backs reform of 'archaic' laws

Baroness Shackleton, who has represented Prince Charles, also says couples must be more practical. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Germany gripped by #MeTwo racism debate

Thousands of tweets document racism in German schools, housing and jobs. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

School holiday hunger cash a 'great first step'

There will be food and fun for 30,000 children - but campaigners warn much more needs to be done. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Cardi B: 'I underestimated motherhood'

The rapper says she isn't ready to leave her baby after giving birth earlier this month. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Exam boards police social media in cheating crackdown

Dedicated teams are monitoring social media for signs and indications of malpractice in exams. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Government 'complicit in school's illegal exclusion policy'

St Olave's Grammar School in London forced out pupils unlikely to achieve high exam grades. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Boys more 'cliquey' than girls

Boys are more likely to keep the same group of friends, research suggests. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

The Manchester orchestra giving ‘confidence’ to kids

Manchester Camerata share their skills, trumpets and baritones with school children in Merseyside. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

Miss Varz: Black student aims to make difference at Oxford

Miss Varz blogs about her life at Oxford and encourages more black students to apply. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

School exclusions: Inside a Pupil Referral Unit

Reece is 13 and has been excluded six times. He now attends a Pupil Referral Unit. from BBC News - Family & Education via Local Hikvision Installers

New on SI: Watch: Dallas Sportscaster Calls Out Jerry Jones's Hypocrisy Regarding the National Anthem

Jerry Jones was reportedly told by the NFL to stop talking about the league's national anthem policy. Camera Installers

New on SI: Richard Sherman on Jerry Jones: 'The Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, With the Old Plantation Mentality'

Richard Sherman was discussing the NFL's national anthem policy when he commented on Jerry Jones and the Cowboys' plans regarding the anthem. Camera Installers

New on SI: Brian Dawkins Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

One of the most fearsome safeties of the 2000's discusses battling depression during his career.  Camera Installers

Zendaya and Tom Holland spotted in London while shooting Spider-Man: Far From Home

Zendaya and Tom Holland are in London shooting Spider-Man: Far From Home. I knew once they started filming, we'd get some more Zomdaya sightings for my fan fiction but I still wasn't prepared for the sound that escaped my body when Lainey sent me this:    A post shared by sarah saw a... from Lainey Gossip Articles via New CCTV Installs

New on SI: Full Steam Ahead for J.J. Watt, Deshaun Watson

The Texans’ two most important players look in good form in the early days of camp. Plus notes on Clowney, the RB battle and more Camera Installers

New on SI: Chicago Bears Tailor Matt Nagy's New Offense to Mitchell Trubisky

Matt Nagy is drawing on his past experience to build a new offense tailored to Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears' playmakers. Camera Installers

New on SI: Broncos OT Garett Bolles Carted Off Field With Possible Concussion

Bolles was evaluated for a possible concussion while Brandon Marshall is being examined for a wrist injury.  Camera Installers

New on SI: Sam Darnold Signs Four-Year, $30 Million Deal Ending Hold Out With Jets

Sam Darnold signed a 4-year, $30 million contract with the Jets on Monday. Camera Installers

New on SI: Watch: Colts Host Noblesville West Middle School Shooting Survivor At Training Camp

"Ella Strong"; Colts host Noblesville West Middle School shooting survivor Ella Whistler at camp. Camera Installers

New on SI: Fantasy Football 2018: Wide Receiver Primer

The wide receiver position is full of young and talented superstars, but here are five burning questions to consider before they fly off your draft board. Camera Installers

New on SI: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Details: Location, Dates and Times

Where and when you can catch Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger as Pittsburgh gears up for another playoff run.  Camera Installers

New on SI: New England Patriots Training Camp Details: Location, Dates and Times

When and where you can find the Patriots as they look to rebound from a loss in Super Bowl LII. Camera Installers

New on SI: Report: NFL Orders Jerry Jones To Stop Talking About Anthem Issue

The NFL reportedly tells Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to keep his mouth shut about the anthem issue Camera Installers

What They Don’t Tell You about Breastfeeding and Other Lessons from this Needless Mystery

By  Sharanya Gopinathan Rivka Shahani. Photo courtesy Rivka Shahani Originally published on 5 August, 2017.  Happy World Breastfeeding Week! You may have noticed newspapers celebrating the occasion, mostly by telling women how to eat, drink and sleep while breastfeeding . The government tends to take a similarly bossy approach: It waxes eloquent on its benefits, but seems to forget who that breast actually belongs to. I was lucky to be at home when my older sister had her first child, because it taught me things about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and childcare that I would’ve never known if I hadn’t been around. I remember being surprised at how difficult breastfeeding can be. Until my sister had her baby, I think we were both labouring under the delusion that breastfeeding was an easy, idyllic and effortless process from the get-go. It isn’t. My niece latched on wrong initially, which my sister didn’t know because… well, how could she? This was her first time breastfeed

So What Does it Feel Like to Wear Rented Clothes?

By Tanya Kini Originally published on 10 September 2016.  Darshana Madhavan, a college graduate in business management, was tasked to find a dress for her prom themed college farewell. This meant having to find a dress that fit the theme, but Darshana didn’t want to buy something she wouldn’t have the chance of wearing for any other occasion. It was then that she chanced on , from where she could rent internationally branded dresses, run by one of her junior’s brothers. When they didn’t have a dress in her size, she searched around and found , another clothes rental website, which had a stunning long red gown, perfectly flowy for the occasion. Here’s another instance of a clothes renting experience gone right — Vidisha, an environmental consultant working with ERM, needed an outfit for a wedding. She didn’t want to spend on something she wouldn’t wear again (you see the trend?). Vidisha had heard about from a friend who knew the people respon

How This Ad Could Have Saved BJP’s Rajasthan President Yesterday

By The Ladies Finger Dear Madan Lal Saini, We heard you were having some trouble with history. You said , “If you want to rule Hindustan, you must keep three things in mind- respect cows, brahmins & women”. In future, if you want to know about the history of Mughals and their lineage please have a look at the Pears ad. Ps: Babur ka beta Humayun, Humayun ka… Akbar! As for your math equation which puts cows, women and brahmins in the same sentence, we have no kunji or tuition for that problem. The post How This Ad Could Have Saved BJP’s Rajasthan President Yesterday appeared first on The Ladies Finger . from The Ladies Finger via Camera Installers in Uk

The Future of Indian Marriage Is In Jayanagar, Bangalore

By The Ladies Finger The happening place for “ultra-rich” families and beautiful girls. Photo Courtesy: Veena Venugopal via Twitter Our mornings have been brightened with this vision of the future. Mr. and Mrs. Sreeram, founders of the Young Achievers’ Matrimony (YAM), which they call a “a unique and exclusive matrimonial ѕеrvісе for young achievers and for ultra-rich families” invite the best of the best of the best to mate and procreate alongside a veg lunch at The Grand National Young Achievers Matrimony Meet, being held at The Leela Palace, Bangalore on 12 th August . They would prefer the IITs and IIMSs and sciency types. BA MA please die. No high tea for you. Girls, no need to do anything but be beautiful and eat veg lunch. Front page of  The Hindu today, folks. The post The Future of Indian Marriage Is In Jayanagar, Bangalore appeared first on The Ladies Finger . from The Ladies Finger via Camera Installers in

Mansplainers, Why Fear When Kim Goodwin’s Guide is Here?

By Aashika Ravi Mansplainers everywhere. Photo Courtesy: Vintage Ad On the count of three, women everywhere, recall your worst mansplaining moment. I’ll share mine to get us going. A friend and I were having a conversation about why I don’t watch porn, to which I said I felt it was a bit voyeuristic. His response- “You do know that porn is acting right? It’s an industry.” Wow sir, in my 20 something years of life, this porn industry you speak of has somehow completely eluded my existence. Till now I was of the impression that porn ninjas were secretly filming people having sex and putting it on the internet. I said as much, but it’s easier to fight it out with a friend than in a professional setting, where you normally resort to the forced smile and clenched teeth with just a hint of an Is Your Sermon Over Yet expression when that over-helpful uncle tries to dumb down something for your lady brain, which you’ve probably majored in (that too, in this decade). If you’re prone to b

Get 3TB of Lifetime Cloud Storage with Zoolz for $75

Dropbox and Google Drive are great for syncing a few files between your devices. But if you want to back up all your files, these services can be really expensive. Zoolz Cloud Storage offers all the same features at a far more affordable price. Right now, you can get lifetime access to your very own 3TB cloud vault for just $74.95 at MakeUseOf Deals. Smart Storage Zoolz makes it easy to back up your files. After you download the app on Windows or Mac, you simply select what you want to upload. The app then works in the background, keeping all your files synced. Your 3TB of storage space is split into two sections. The 1.5TB Instant Vault is perfect for the files you use every day. Your data is synced instantly, and Zoolz can keep multiple versions of each file. For the things you want to keep longer term, the 1.5TB Cold Storage provides a safe home. It’s like your very own digital attic — the place to put precious family photos and important tax records. You can access all your

5 Apps to Identify a Song by Humming, Tapping on Keyboard, or Asking Others

When you come across a song you don’t know, you can usually use Shazam or SoundHound to find its name. But if the song is stuck in your head, these music identifying apps can’t work. That’s when you need something different. You have multiple options, all of which we’ll tackle here. There are sites that let you hum the tune or tap the beat on the keyboard, and the site will try to guess based on that. Or you can go to certain forums to ask others. Here are your best options. Wat Zat Song (Web): Sing a Sample for People to Identify The easiest way to express that tune stuck in your head is to sing it out loud. Wat Zat Song is a web app made to let you post a quick recording, which others can then comment on. You’ll need to sign up to get started. Click the “Post a Sample” button, and wait for it to prompt you to record your voice. Lean in to your microphone and belt out the best rendition you can of the tune you want to know. Turn it into a post and wait for the community to wei

YouTube Admits Vertical Videos Are Here to Stay

The YouTube website now adapts to the aspect ratio of the video it’s playing. The idea is to provide you, the viewer, with the best possible viewing experience. But it also means YouTube admitting that vertical videos are here to stay. Sadly. Vertical Video Syndrome For decades video was shot in landscape mode, because our eyes are positioned next to one another, and TVs and PCs were designed to accommodate that. And then along came the smartphone with its vertical design. And people started shooting vertical videos. For a time many of us fought this, even naming it Vertical Video Syndrome. But the battle is over, and the vertical video brigade won. Instagram’s IGTV actually insists on vertical video, and now YouTube is admitting defeat by getting rid of those black bars. YouTube Removes the Bars On the YouTube Help Forum , a community manager announced that “the YouTube video player on desktop […] now automatically adapts to provide the best viewing experience based on the vide

The 10 Best Fast Food Restaurant Apps for Android

5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Keyloggers

Keyloggers are one of the most well-known and feared security threats on computers today. Keyloggers carry a fearsome reputation for several reasons, not least because they’re hard to detect, but because the direct damage to your life extends well beyond the computer and screen in front of you. Keylogging malware is, unfortunately, very common. More often than not a malware variant packs a keylogger for maximum damage and to compound the attacker’s investment. Luckily, there are several methods to protect your system from a keylogger. And while no defense is perfect, these five steps drastically improve your chances. What Is a Keylogger? Before looking at how to mitigate a keylogger, consider what a keylogger is and where they come from. A keylogger is consistent to its name. The term refers to a malicious computer program that captures and records your keystrokes; that’s every word, character, and button you press on your keyboard. The keylogger sends a record of your keystrokes

How to Get Instant Emergency Alerts on Your Phone and PC

The 6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards to Improve Computer Comfort

LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging No One Wants

LinkedIn has added voice messaging to its platform. This means you can now record and send a voice message to someone on LinkedIn, saving you the time and effort of writing out a message. No one asked for this, but LinkedIn thinks it’s a good idea regardless. Why LinkedIn? Why Voice Messaging? You may be wondering why LinkedIn would add voice messaging. Well, LinkedIn predicted the response to this feature, and has laid out a trio of reasons why you may want to use voice messaging. As explained on the LinkedIn Blog : Voice messaging makes it easier to contact people on the go. Because, if you’re busy doing something else, speaking into a microphone is easier than typing. And as most people speak faster than they type, voice messaging can save you time too. Now you can communicate in your own voice with your connections on LinkedIn: — LinkedIn (@LinkedIn) July 26, 2018 Voice messaging is less intrusive on the recipient’s time. If you call someone you’

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: The Best Free Workplace Messenger Apps

Slack turned the best bits of instant messaging into a work-friendly format. The platform has emojis, numerous bots, games, add-ons, and customizations, but retains the overall feeling of a serious tool for serious work. But what’s that? A new challenger enters? That’s right: Microsoft Teams is upping the ante with the introduction of a new free tier for its Teams workplace collaboration software. The new free tier is a direct Slack attack. But will it win users over? Which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out. Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Free Version Comparison Before the introduction of the free tier, Microsoft Teams was a tool only available for Office 365 subscribers. And even then, using it was an extra feature that came with an added cost. The payment structure and focus on existing Office customers limited the appeal of the Teams platform, but it is a valuable productivity tool for business with an existing Office 365 subscription . The Microsoft Teams free su

The Fake ISP Phone Call Scam: How It Works and What to Do About It

You’ve received a call claiming to be from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The operator claims that your modem is about to expire or that someone has been using your internet connection. They’re going to help you “fix” this, but at some point, they’re either going to ask for money, for remote access to your computer (to steal sensitive data), or access your online banking (to steal your money). It’s a scam! Here’s a breakdown of how this scam works, what you should do if someone calls you claiming to be from your ISP and brings up these “issues,” and how to keep yourself from becoming a victim. Note: It doesn’t matter if these people are calling you from a dedicated call center or not. These callers, while they may sound as though they want to help, aren’t interested in you—they’re interested in the contents of your wallet. The Phone Call From the ISP Scammer Like all telephone scams , the criminals usual stick to a pattern of behavior and questions that they use to part

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