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What Was Madhu Kishwar Talking About When She Made That Free Sex Crack About Rahul Gandhi?

By Nisha Susan When Rahul Gandhi recently promised a minimum income guarantee, understandably many people responded with scepticism and curiosity. Some people responded with hilariously bad fake social science such as ‘ universal basic income goes against the very tenets of Universal Basic Theory of Evolution ’ which I parsed as “Its normal for people to be poor and me to be rich.” The debate will hopefully continue for a while. That is, if everyone is not totally and deliciously distracted by Twitter luminary Madhu Kishwar’s ‘pigs may fly’ response to the Congress promise. On 29 January she tweeted , “Wait till Rahul Gandhi also promises free sex for every adult male for a certain number of days every year.” Kishwar is followed by 2.04 million people on Twitter and the response to this tweet of hers has been to a lesser extent, “Hauww, Aunty said dirty word.” But most people have latched on to the word ‘free’ and said things about not paying for sex or not having to pay for sex or a

No-deal war games as MoD names Brexit its 'highest priority'

Preparing for a no-deal Brexit is the "highest priority" of Britain's Ministry of Defence, the department's top civil servant has revealed in a letter to staff. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

PM immediately rebuffed by EU in Brexit renegotiation effort

Theresa May has been immediately rebuffed by European leaders in attempts to renegotiate her Brexit deal. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

Public prefer a deal instead of hard Brexit - Sky Data

Most of the British public would prefer a Brexit deal rather than crashing out of the European Union without one, a Sky Data poll reveals. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

Sunderland voters do not expect govt to strike Brexit deal

Voters in the Leave-supporting city of Sunderland have told a Sky News debate they have little faith in the government to strike a Brexit deal with the EU. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

MPs call for social media 'duty of care' laws

New laws are needed to hold social media companies to account if they fail to protect young users, according to a report by MPs. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

Tory minister trashes compromise Brexit plan talked up by May

A Tory minister has circulated a memo trashing the Tory peace plan talked up by Theresa May as one of her options to renegotiate the backstop with the EU. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

Barclays prepares to trigger £166bn no-deal Brexit plan

Barclays is preparing to pull the trigger on no-deal Brexit plans to shift assets worth £166bn (€190bn) to its Irish division as it "cannot wait any longer" amid continuing political uncertainty, a High Court judgment has revealed. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

May primed for Brussels trip to demand renegotiation

Theresa May will head to Brussels to demand the Brexit deal be opened up for renegotiation to strip out one of its most controversial parts. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

PM wins support to renegotiate Brexit backstop - but EU says no

Theresa May has hailed a mandate given to her by MPs to renegotiate her Brexit deal, despite admitting "it will not be easy" in the face of the EU's repeated refusal to reopen talks. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

Tory Brexiteers and Remainers unite to throw May a lifeline

Tory Brexiteers and Remainers have united to help Theresa May ahead of crunch votes later today that could change the course of Brexit. from Political News - International and UK Politics | Sky News via CCTV Thirsk

Cheap Internet of Things gadgets betray you even after you toss them in the trash

You may think that the worst you’ll risk by buying a bargain-bin smart bulb or security camera will be a bit of extra trouble setting it up or a lack of settings. But it’s not just while they’re plugged in that these slapdash gadgets are a security risk — even from the garbage can, they can still compromise your network. Although these so-called Internet of Things gadgets are small and rather dumb, they’re still full-fledged networked computers for all intents and purposes. You may not need to do much, but you still need to take many of the same basic precautions to prevent them from, say, broadcasting your private information unencrypted to the world, or granting root access to anyone walking by. In the case of these low-cost “smart” bulbs investigated by Limited Results (via Hack a Day ), the issue isn’t what they do while connected but what they keep onboard their tiny brains, and how. All the bulbs they tested proved to have no real security at all protecting the information k

You can pre-order Meizu’s crazy phone with no port for $1,299

If you’re interested in Meizu’s insane smartphone that doesn’t have any port or button, you can now pre-order it on Indiegogo for $1,299. Supply is limited as the company is only selling 100 units for now. The Meizu Zero looks like any modern phone at first sight. But if you look beyond the display, you’ll notice that there’s absolutely zero port or button. The volume button has been replaced with a touch-sensitive surface. The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the display. Wireless charging is the only way to charge the device. And if you’re thinking about putting your SIM card in the phone, there’s no SIM slot either — I hope your carrier supports eSIM cards. There’s no speaker grille either. Meizu is using the screen as a speaker by sending vibrations through the display. It also works as a microphone, apparently. It’s unclear if this is just a giant joke or an actual product. But it’s an interesting experiment. For $1,299, you get a phone with a 5.99-inch AMOLED display and

Your smartphone may soon pack 1TB in storage thanks to Samsung’s new memory chip

Sick of filling the limited space on your phone with apps, photos and videos? Sometime in the near future, your smartphone could ship with more than one terabyte (1TB) of internal storage and run 10 times faster than a standard memory card. Samsung is best known for making smartphones, but the company’s memory division — one of its most profitable units — just announced  it has begun mass-producing a 1TB flash storage chip for phones. There’s no word on when they’ll be inside smartphones, but Samsung said it plans to increase production during the first half of this year. “Smartphone enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy storage capacity comparable to a premium notebook PC, without having to pair their phones with additional memory cards,” Samsung said. That 1TB capacity is double the previous highest that the Korean firm has produced. Its newest chip gave the Galaxy Note 9 a 512GB model, which passes the terabyte milestone when a 512GB SD card is added. This new breakthrough promi

Apple unveils new in-store sessions covering photography, Garage Band, health and more

Apple is launching 58 new Today at Apple sessions to beef up its in-store education offerings for people who want to explore Apple’s products. The sessions, which cover video, photography, accessibility, coding, music, health and more, are free to attend and available at all of Apple’s retail stores across the world. For the unveiling, Apple brought a group of reporters to its Apple Park campus in Cupertino last week. Throughout the day, Apple took us through sample Today at Apple sessions across Apple’s three categories: Skills, Walks and Labs. Skills are quick, 30-minute sessions designed to teach you new techniques, Walks are actual physical walks with certain Apple products and services and Labs are 90-minute sessions where you create a project. “So I think of Skills, Walks, Labs almost as, you know, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3,” Apple SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts told a group of reporters at Apple’s spaceship campus last week. “I mean, most things have green diamond, blue

Casper announces the Glow — a portable, sleep-friendly light

Over the past few years, mattress company Casper has expanded its product lineup to include everything from dog beds to nap pillows . (It’s also opened its own nap store .) The latest addition: the Glow, an $89 light. While the company has never made this kind of internet-connected hardware before, Chief Strategy Officer Neil Parikh pitched the Glow as part of Casper’s mission to improve sleep. And although there’s already whole categories of sleep-friendly light bulbs and smart lamps , the Glow has a couple of smart touches that could make it particularly appealing. The basic use of the Glow is pretty straightforward. You turn it on by flipping it over, and it fills your room with warm LED light. The light then dims to darkness over a 45-minute period — as Chief Product Officer Jeff Chapin put it, it’s “mimicking the setting of the sun and it helps you get sleepier as it dims into lower and lower amplitudes.” You can control and customize the Glow with a smartphone app, but Cha

Apple spent $60 billion with American suppliers in 2018

Apple has released an update on its spending in the U.S. According to the company, Apple is now working with 9,000 different companies in the U.S. Those companies mostly work on hardware components and chipsets for Apple’s devices. You may remember that Apple announced last year it would spend $390 million to expand Finisar’s production in the U.S. Finisar has been working on a key component for the iPhone and iPad Pro — the TrueDepth camera system. That investment was part of a commitment to spend $1 billion in U.S.-based companies with its Advanced Manufacturing Fund in order to build new facilities and help manufacturers. But Apple is already spending much more money with American companies. In 2018 alone, Apple spent $60 billion, which represents a 10 percent increase compared to 2017. The company estimates that it represents around 450,000 jobs. In addition to Finisar, Apple names a few partners in its announcement — Corning, Cincinnati Test Systems and Broadcom. Finally,


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Iran is among top 10 drone producers in the world

(Feed generated with FetchRSS ) from PressTV News Videos - YouTube via CCTV Installations Team

Iran: Water flows into dried-up Zayanderud again

(Feed generated with FetchRSS ) from PressTV News Videos - YouTube via CCTV Installations Team

Israeli forces attack Gaza Freedom Flotilla protest

(Feed generated with FetchRSS ) from PressTV News Videos - YouTube via CCTV Installations Team

Russian, Iraqi foreign ministers meet in Moscow

(Feed generated with FetchRSS ) from PressTV News Videos - YouTube via CCTV Installations Team

US actively conducting economic warfare against Venezuela: Analyst

(Feed generated with FetchRSS ) from PressTV News Videos - YouTube via CCTV Installations Team

Morton Sobell, convicted of conspiracy in the Rosenberg espionage case, dies at 101

Morton Sobell, an American radar engineer who in 1951 was convicted of conspiracy alongside Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in one of the Cold War’s most prominent espionage cases, has died at 101 years old. from via CCTV Infomation

The Oak Island Mystery

Nova Scotia’s notorious money pit Canada’s maritime provinces may not be the first place you think of when you hear the words “buried treasure,” but for over 200 years, treasure hunters have had their eyes on tiny Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Over the years, millions of dollars have been spent—and at least six lives lost—in repeated attempts to excavate one of the world’s most infamous alleged treasure sites. What could be worth so much effort? Possibly an enormous cache of gold and silver, ancient manuscripts, or…nothing at all. Can You Dig It? The story begins in 1795, when a boy was wandering around on the island and found a curious depression in the ground. Right above this depression was an old tackle block hanging from the limb of a large oak tree, as though someone had used it to lower something heavy into a hole. Having heard stories about pirates frequenting the area in centuries past, the boy immediately suspected buried treasure. He returned the following day

National Croissant Day

That quintessential French pastry, the croissant, likely originated in Austria and may even have been intended to represent the Islamic crescent. But over the centuries, the true history of the croissant has flaked away into legend. Indeed, many modern croissants are straight, not curved, making the name a misnomer. In any case—whatever the shape; whether made with real butter or a substitute; and filled with chocolate, almond paste, other ingredients, or not—croissants are delicious! Fattening, for sure, but then a properly made croissant is so light and airy that the low density makes up for the high calories. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself. I hope you’ll celebrate National Croissant Day today with a freshly baked croissant. That makes all the difference—I speak from extensive personal experience! Image credit: Pixabay from Interesting Thing of the Day via Security Installations Team

The Musée Mécanique

Good old-fashioned interactive multimedia Fog, as I have said for many years, is my all-time favorite weather condition. Other than its impact on driving, I like everything about fog—the coolness, the dampness, the way it muffles sounds, and especially the mysterious, spooky quality it gives its surroundings. So the first time I took a streetcar out to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach many years ago, I was delighted to discover that, more often than not, the entire area is covered with fog. Morgen and I walked along the beach and up a hill to a building called the Cliff House, a restaurant with a majestic, sweeping view of the mist—and, occasionally, bits of the ocean and nearby Seal Rock. The Cliff House is a favorite tourist destination—not so much for the food but for the view, the gift shops, and a few other attractions nearby. The attraction we had gone there to see was located inconspicuously around the back, downstairs in the basement of the Cliff House—and advertised only by a sma

Thomas Paine Day

Thomas Paine , one of the founding fathers of the United States, was born on January 29, 1736 (at least, as it was reckoned at the time; going by today’s calendars it would have been February 9, 1737). In any case, Paine was one of the main driving forces behind American independence from Britain , as detailed in his famous pamphlet [Common Sense]( (pamphlet)_. He’s also popularly remembered as a freethinker . Celebrate his sort-of birthday by thinking independently! Image credit: Auguste Millière [Public domain] from Interesting Thing of the Day via Security Installations Team

The Discovery of Radium

Marie Curie’s miracle cure One of the central paradoxes of scientific research and technological development is that while every new discovery brings previously unknown possibilities to light, these discoveries can also have negative effects that may not be readily apparent. For example, certain medicines may provide exciting new treatment options, but it’s only later that their side effects come to light. One of the most glaring examples of this was the thalidomide scandal in the late 1950s, when thousands of women took this drug to combat morning sickness during pregnancy, and it was later found to cause birth defects. Similarly, in the 19th century, opium was thought of as a cure-all before its highly addictive nature was fully understood. Along the same lines, Marie Sklodowska Curie’s discovery of the element radium in 1898 at first seemed to lead the way to a variety of novel medical treatments, but as the properties of radioactive materials became better known, radium’s heal

Data Privacy Day

Since 2008, January 28 of each year has been Data Privacy Day , an occasion for learning about the numerous threats to the privacy of your personal data and what you can do about them. It so happens I’ve written an entire book on this topic: Take Control of Your Online Privacy . It tells you who’s after your personal data and why, what you should (and shouldn’t) worry about, and what concrete, practical steps you can take to protect yourself without withdrawing entirely from the online world. I hope you’ll check it out! Image credit: PICOL- PIctorial COmmunication Language [ CC BY 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons from Interesting Thing of the Day via Security Installations Team


Dry surfing or hot snowboarding? It was in a high school English class that I first ran across Emerson’s famous quote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” Something about that struck a chord with me, and ever since, I have tried to nurture a healthy appreciation for paradox if not outright contradiction. For example, as I may have mentioned , sports are not among my top thousand or so favorite things in life. So I was chagrined to discover how many of the suggestions I received for topics to include on Interesting Thing of the Day were sports-related. Someone would very excitedly come up to me and say, “Hey! You’ve got to write about this cool piece of tennis trivia,” or “There’s this really amazing baseball story your readers would love to hear,” and I’d kind of grin and nod and pretend to make a mental note, all the while thinking there could hardly be anything less interesting to write about than sports. However, when my son Ben suggested an article on sandbo

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

During World War II, six million Jews (and millions of others) died at the hands of the Nazis. Perhaps the most notorious of the concentration camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau, was the last one to be liberated—on January 27, 1945. In recognition of that event, the United Nations General Assembly in 2005 declared January 27 to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day . I used to think that racism in general, and anti-Semitism in particular, were on a rapid and irrevocable decline, but sadly that has turned out not to be the case. What happened before—and worse—could happen again unless we get our collective acts together, stop being awful to other human beings, and stop tolerating those who are. Image credit: Alexander Voronzow and others in his group, ordered by Mikhael Oschurkow, head of the photography unit [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons from Interesting Thing of the Day via Security Installations Team

The Hurdy-Gurdy

Violin, bagpipes, and kazoo combined In 1996, I bought an album I knew next to nothing about, by an artist I had never heard of before, on the strength of the album being issued on Peter Gabriel’s excellent Real World record label. The album was Big City Secrets by Joseph Arthur, and from the very first track I knew that I had made a good purchase. However, I really sat up and listened when I got to track 3, “Mikel K.” In the background of the song there was a really odd-sounding instrument. It sounded a bit like a violin (or a folk-style fiddle) played with a never-ending bow, and had a bagpipe-like drone note in the background. As if that wasn’t enough sonic complexity for one instrument, there was also a rhythmic buzzing sound, slightly reminiscent of a kazoo. What in the world was it? A quick check of the liner notes revealed only one instrument that I hadn’t heard of before—a hurdy-gurdy . Don’t They Usually Come with a Monkey? The first image that popped into my head was of

Archaeologists discover 'first beer ever brewed in the UK'

Archaeologists have made an "incredibly exciting" discovery while working on a project to widen a major road - evidence of what is believed to be the first beer brewed in the UK. from Weird News - Strange and Odd News Stories | Sky News! via CCTV In Thirsk

Smelly fruit goes on sale for £750

from Weird News - Strange and Odd News Stories | Sky News! via CCTV In Thirsk

Need to protect data

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of GRC International plc, parent company of the consultancy IT Governance, writes on the need to protect the privacy, compliance and security of our data. Data Protection Day marked the start of a challenging year for businesses, at a time of political and economic uncertainty, the opportunity for cyber attack increases dramatically. This means that organisations must recognise that they face a growing number of sophisticated attacks, many of which will generate b... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

New Cambs head office for Dardan

Dardan Security has opened a new three storey head office, south of Cambridge. The company reports that it has enjoyed significant growth from a number of recent blue-chip client wins across the country, including Cambridge University Library, Peel Ports, Medway and the law firm, Mishcon de Reya. Philip Anthony, Dardan’s managing director, pictured, said: “Continued growth and expansion, both geographically and in terms of the scope of the security services we offer, has seen the company ... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

PoE networks

Over the past few years, reports barox, the manufacturer of professional standard switches, media converters and IP extenders for video applications, more and more manufacturers have been producing IP devices with higher power requirements. In the video sector, surveillance cameras with a combination of pan and tilt motors, heaters, windscreen wipers and infra-red (IR) illumination often require 60 or even up to 95 watts for their operation. However, this level of power consumption has not as ye... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Green Guide briefings

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) is running four briefing sessions across the country on the latest edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide). Ken Scott, Head of Inspectorate, and SGSA inspectors Rick Riding and Geoff Galilee will take safety officers and others interested into the latest, 2018, sixth edition of the Guide, the changes since the fifth edition, and how the guidance could be applied. All sessions will run from 10.30am to 3pm. Refreshments and lunch... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

The strange case of James Charles in Brum

A teenage beauty influencer from New York brought Birmingham city centre to a standstill on Saturday. How did it happen and what does it tell us about security, crowd and risk management in the online age? And what is a beauty influencer? Mark Rowe reports. Three days before James Charles arrived at the Bull Ring, someone tweeted: "He's going to shut down that Bull Ring, thousands of people are going to show up." They were right. For two days afterwards the scenes at the shopping mall - ... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Cyber-attack concern

Businesses in the UK are more concerned about cyber-attacks now than they were a year ago, according to the latest Close Brothers Business Barometer research, from the UK merchant banking group. Some two thirds of SMEs (67pc) said they were more worried about cyber security threats now, with a third of these (31pc) reporting that they were significantly so. The figures were collected after several high-profile data breaches and other attacks as reported in 2018. Large and well-known enterpris... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Data threat report

A rush to digital transformation is putting sensitive data at risk worldwide, according to Thales, the cyber security product company, in its 2019 Data Threat Report – Global Edition, with research and analysis from IDC. As business embraces new technologies, such as multi-cloud deployments, they are struggling to implement proper data security, the report suggests. Near all, 97 percent of the survey respondents reported their organisation was already under way with some level of digital t... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Violence summit

In Coventry, police and key partners have met to together work on a long-term strategy to address the increase in violent crime - which will take ten years, police warn. Senior officers gathered with representatives from Coventry City Council, the health service, education and charities, plus MPs and youth workers, at a Violence Summit yesterday. It heard that gangs may recruit children of below secondary school age, and make them carry out thefts from shops to bring them into criminality. ... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Waste transfer warning

Householders should check whether a person or business is authorised to take waste before they transfer their waste to them; because residents who fail to take all reasonable measures to ensure they transfer waste to authorised carriers could face fixed penalty notices (FPNs) of £200. This is under the Environmental Protection (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England and Wales) Regulations 2018, which came into effect on January 7. An authorised person is one of the following: Someone who has ... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

PewDiePie fan printer hacker

In November 2018, two teenage fans of YouTube star, PewDiePie, carried out the hack of over 100,000 printers, in a bid to promote their social media hero and to highlight the vulnerability of IoT devices. Today, the BBC shared an anonymous interview with the hackers, who reveal how and why they carried out the attack, writes Dr Klaus Gheri, VP and GM Network Security for Barracuda Networks. This situation has grabbed media headlines around the world but is far from unique in the security indu... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Data reminder in case of no-deal Brexit

Given the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, organisations need to have data protection contingencies in place, especially as the clock ticks down to the UK's date for leaving the European Union on March 29. So the data protection regulator the ICO told a recent conference on 'GDPR in practice'. Jonathan Bamford, director of strategic policy (domestic) at the Information Commissioner's Office, was the opening and concluding speaker at a Westminster eForum seminar in central London. He said that... from Professional Security Magazine Online RSS News Feed via CCTV Cameras Installed

Elon Musk gears up for Model Y crossover as Tesla makes second straight quarterly profit

Tesla is getting ready to begin making its next vehicle — a crossover called the Model Y — as it boosts production, lowers prices and cuts costs.               from USATODAY - Money Top Stories via Your Camera Installers

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